About us

The Finnish Shipowners’ Association decided, at an extraordinary meeting of the Association on 15th December 2008, to establish a foundation named VARUSTAMOSÄÄTIÖ (Shipowners´ Foundation in Finland). The Foundation was registered in the Register of Foundations on 16th June 2009 and based in Helsinki. According to the founder’s order, the Foundation aims to support research, education, and communication in the shipping industry as well as to promote activities related to the shipping industry.

The Shipowners´ Foundation in Finland, as a registered foundation, is an independent legal person. The Foundation has no members nor shareholders but is governed and controlled by the Foundation’s Board of Directors. The Foundation is supervised by the Finnish Patent and Registeration Office.

Our purpose 

The primary purpose of the Foundation is to work for the benefit of the Finnish shipping business by promoting social activities related to shipping and by awarding grants. The Foundation also strives to participate in research, education, and communication within the shipping industry.